The next time you would like to light a large sporting event and you need to lease or buy stadium lighting, you’ll find 2 things that you need to keep at the forefront of your mind to make the decision easier: Portability, and ease of erection.


If you’re a newcomer to arena lighting, it’s appealing to find the lighting components permanently installed. Even though a permanent fixture is a fantastic thing to get around both in terms of reliability and increasing the value of your property, you might realize that portability is really a larger priority. For example, you might pick 10 minutes before the game that among those lights needs to be changed several feet away from the existing location, or maybe you want to eliminate one of those lights in the area entirely. These items are possible with mobile lighting.

Furthermore, many industrial lighting jobs need the capacity to maneuver the lights involving multiple operating locations. For example, a massive refinery operation might need a 60 foot light tower at the same location for each week, then transfer it to a different location for another week. This type of flexibility is absolutely vital for the ever-changing needs of the majority of industrial and sports applications.

Benefits of Erection

Assuming that you’ve chosen to go to this page for a portable light tower, then another difficulty is ease of erection. There’s not much advantage to getting a mobile tower if it requires an inordinately long time to get this up and running. This implies not just a quick tower-extension time, but in addition, it means relying upon a power source that may be quickly started and kept running for as long as needed. For this purpose, many stadium light systems utilize diesel generators as they’re famous for their durability and ease of performance.